What is Emotionally Friendly Schools?

Emotionally Friendly Schools is an accreditation,  developed by Salford Council, in response to a need for schools to be supported in supporting positive mental health. It launched in March 2015 and has been constantly evaluated and reviewed since. 

Emotionally Friendly Schools has four strands: Staff Wellbeing; Whole Setting and Classroom Practice; Assessing Young People's Needs and Supporting Individual Children and Pupils. 

Bickershaw Church of England Primary School have always put children and adults wellbeing at the centre of our practice and so we signed up to the accreditation in January 2022. All staff attended a launch event and had training on attachment issues. 

A working party, led by Mrs Murphy, is auditing school's provision, celebrating our strengths and improving our practice all of the time. 

Come back regularly to find out what we're doing next.