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"For many children, practicing the ability to recognise sounds in words can make a big difference in how fast they learn to read."

At Bickershaw Church of England Primary School, we understand the importance of Early Reading and are passionate about giving children time to develop and apply their phonic knowledge. 

We use the Government Guidance 'Letters and Sounds' as a guide for our Phonic teaching, in relation to the order of which we teach the grapheme/ phoneme correspondences. 

Below, you can see the teaching progression for phonics which we have developed. We have dedicated more time to the early phases so that our children have really strong foundations to build upon, before developing to the more challenging phases. 

Children who have not yet achieved Phase One will access activities and interventions according to the aspect they are up to. Activities are divided into seven aspects, including environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body sounds, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds and finally oral blending and segmenting.

As children move into the latter stages of Key Stage One, the begin to learn more spelling rules from the National Curriculum Spelling Appendices, rather than 'phonics', however, provision is made for those children who need further access to phonics to do so. 

Using this teaching progression, we assess our children based on where we expect the 'average' child to be working at, in relation to their ability to recognise sounds and apply them to both reading and writing; below you can see our expectation of how children will develop. 

Activities that you can do at home:

Phase 1

 Alliteration Matching Cards.pdfDownload
 Body Percussion Challenge Sheet.pdfDownload
 Environmental Sounds Challenge Sheet.pdfDownload
 Instrumental Sounds Challenge Sheet.pdfDownload
 Oral Blending and Segmenting Challenge Sheet.pdfDownload
 Rhyming Pairs Matching Cards.pdfDownload
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Phase 2

 Flashcards Phase 2 Sets 1, 2 and 3.pdfDownload
 Flashcards Phase 2 Sets 4 and 5.pdfDownload
 Initial Sounds Discrimination Cards.pdfDownload
 Matching Caption and Picture Cards.pdfDownload
 Matching Word and Picture Cards.pdfDownload
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Phase 3

 Flashcards Phase 3 Set CDVD.pdfDownload
 Flashcards Phase 3 Set VD.pdfDownload
 Flashcards Phase 3 Sets 6 and 7.pdfDownload
 Matching Words and Pictures - ai_ee_igh_oa.pdfDownload
 Matching Words and Pictures - ConsonantDigraphs.pdfDownload
 Matching Words and Pictures - ear_air_ure_er.pdfDownload
 Matching Words and Pictures - Initial Phase 3 Sounds.pdfDownload
 Matching Words and Pictures - oo_ar_or.pdfDownload
 Matching Words and Pictures - ur_ow_oi.pdfDownload
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Phase 4

 Matching Words and Pictures - CCVC.pdfDownload
 Matching Words and Pictures - CVCC.pdfDownload
 Matching Words and Pictures - More challenging.pdfDownload
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Phase 5a

 Flashcards Set 1.pdfDownload
 Flashcards Set 2.pdfDownload
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