Friendship at Bickershaw


And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. Luke 6:31


Sharing a meal with someone is an explicit sign of friendship and the word ‘companion’ literally means ‘one with whom you share bread.’  Meals figure heavily in the Bible as times of fellowship and friendship, and Jesus particularly tells stories of the heavenly banquet to which all are invited. At the banquet the apparent barriers between people are broken down in a loving community around God Himself,  and Jesus had stern words to say to those who refused to recognise that all people are included in this community of friendship, not just the “worthy”.  This friendship community is echoed in the Eucharist, where all are welcome. 

Examples of Bible stories that promote friendship


Ruth and Naomi

David and Jonathan

Ruth 1

1 Samuel 18-19

Use the resource below to explore the value of Friendship at home and school.