Bickershaw Church of England Primary School

Staffing 2023-24



Teaching Assistant


Miss A. Taberner


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs V. Murphy 


Early Years

Mrs L. Haselden

Miss S. Grosvenor (HLTA)

Mrs A. Stock

Year 1

Mrs A. Davies

Mrs C Cafferky

Year 2

Mrs V. Murphy

 Miss C. Blakeley

Year 3/4

Miss R. Ledsham

Mrs A. Kavanagh

Year 4/5

Mrs W. Sedgwick (SENCO)

Mrs L Bourne

Year 5/6

Mrs S. Waltho-Chase

Miss L. Curson (HLTA)

Welfare Staff


Mrs M. Griffin

Mrs A. Stock

Admin Officer

Mrs C. Moran

School Business Manager

Mr D. Taberner

Learning Mentor

Mrs E. Fisher


Mr T. Dempsey

Name Position


Miss A. Taberner Headteacher (SLT)
  • School Improvement and Development
  • Tracking & Data Analysis
  • R.E. & Collective Worship
  • Designated Teacher for Child Protection
Mrs V. Murphy Deputy Headteacher (SLT)
  • Year 2 Teacher
  • Pupil Premium Lead
  • PSHE Subject Leader
  • Science Subject Leader
  • Curriculum Leader
  • Tracking and Data Analysis lead
  • Assessment
  • Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection
  • Geography Subject Leader
Mrs L. Haselden Class Teacher 
  • Reception Class Teacher
  • Art Subject Leader
Mrs W. Sedgwick Class Teacher (SLT)
  • Year 4/5 Class Teacher
  • SEND
  • Maths Subject Leader
Miss R. Ledsham Class Teacher
  • Year 3/4 Class Teacher
  • Eco Schools
  • French Subject Leader
  • R.E. Subject Leader
  • CLA
Mrs S. Waltho-Chase Class Teacher (SLT)
  • Year 5/6 Class Teacher
  • D&T Subject Leader
  • History Subject Leader
  • English Subject Leader
  • Tracking and Data Analysis lead 
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection
Mrs A. Davies Class Teacher
  • Year 1 Class Teacher
  • School Council 
  • Music Subject Leader
  • P.E. Subject Leader
  • Computing Subject Leader
  • Forest Schools