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Bickershaw Church of England Primary School

Welcome to

Bickershaw Church of England Primary School

‘Valuing the past, inspiring the present and ambitious for the future.’

‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever’ Hebrews 13:8
(Father, Son and Holy Spirit – The Trinity)

Reception Class

Welcome to Reception's page!


Below you can find this term's knowledge organisers which show what the children will be learning.

    Summer Term

Traditional Tales

    Spring Term

Growth and Change

     Autumn Term

All About Me                            



                                                                                                                         Summer Term

Take a look at our Celebration video to find out a little bit more about what we have learnt this half term.


The Hungry Caterpillar

This week we had some visitors in our classroom. We had so much fun looking after them and learned all about them through the story ‘The very hungry caterpillar.’ By Eric Carle. 

The Gingerbread Man. 
We loved the story of ‘The Gingerbread man.’ We learnt so much from the story through lots of exploration and discussion with our friends. We created fun alternative endings to our story; building traps to catch the fox and building bridges to rescue ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ The best part was definitely making our own Gingerbread men, they looked too delicious to eat. 


This half term we have had so much fun learning our phonics. We love to use the vocabulary involved when learning about phonics and get so excited when we use digraphs.  We have now been introduced to trigraphs, how exciting. Take a look at the fun ways that we have learnt our new sounds. 

Special Places.

Our R.E unit this half term was Special Places. We learned about the special places that people visit to worship God. We learned the significance of removing our shoes when we visit a mosque. We explored different textures using our feet and retold the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’ and finally built our own special place; a den. We shared stories, songs and snacks in our own ‘Special Place.’ It was lovely. 

Goldilocks and the three bears.

This week we had an unwanted visitor in our classroom. Unfortunately she stole the three bears porridge. We became detectives to find out who the thief actually was……..

It was in fact Goldilocks.

Baby bear was really sad to wake up to no porridge so we wrote him letters and invited him to share ours. It was a lovely morning, eating our breakfast with the bears. 


Spring Term

During ‘Cultural Week’  we have been learning all about Africa. 
We hope that you enjoy watching the video of all that we have been learning.

Science Week
As part of Science week we had lots of fun experimenting and noticing things around us in the environment. We made observational drawings of plants and how they grow. We spoke about the conditions that plants need to grow. We grew our own rainbow and experimented regrowing vegetables by putting the roots into water and replanting them. 

 World book day 2021



Autumn Term

Celebration Assembly. 
Autumn 2.

What a fabulous first term the children have had in Reception class. This half term they have achieved so much and have grown in confidence. Here are a few of our highlights from this half term, the children have earned their rest over the Christmas period and I am sure that this small sample of our learning will show just how hard they have worked. 
Well done Reception. 

Santa’s workshop

Christmas has arrived in Reception class. 

We had a very special visit from Santa’s reindeers.

Reading and Phonics

This term we have had so much fun learning our phase 2 sounds. 
Take a look at our Reading robots that we made and all the fun and interactive ways in which we learned those phase 2 sounds.


This week the children have really enjoyed learning all about ‘Diwali; The Festival of Light.’ We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and the true meaning of Diwali. We developed our fine motor skills as we created diva lamps and decorations to decorate our classroom. We painted our hands with icing to make mendhi patterns and did Diwali dancing during P.E.  At the end of the week we had our very own Diwali festival, sampling lots of delicious foods. 

Bonfire Night.

This week the children have been learning all about Bonfire night, why we celebrate it and most importantly how we can keep safe. We have had lots of fun developing our gross motor skills as we have painted firework pictures on the playground and moved our body in a variety of ways to represent different fireworks in P.E. 
We also developed our fine motor skills as we made pictures and collages of fireworks using a variety of media. 

Celebration Assembly

The Children in Reception Class have settled into school life beautifully. They have achieved so much in their first half term and it has been lovely to see their sense of pride develop. They have made good friends and developed their confidence through their own learning. 

We are so proud of everything that the children have achieved this half term, here is a short video of our highlights. 

Week 8

Freaky Friday

Week 6

We have been learning the number 2. We had lots of fun drawing around one of our friends and recognising which parts of our body we have 2 of. 

We have been really interested in making potions so this week we read the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson.

Week 5

We explored mixing different colours to make our Self portraits.

We talked about the features of our face and what makes us unique.



 We have been learning about Harvest and why we should be thankful. 
We explored different foods using our sense of smell, touch and taste. 


Week 4

This week we had our first P.E lesson. We had lots of fun exploring the climbing equipment, building our confidence and supporting our friends. 

We recognised what makes us unique and special and made play dough models of our faces.
We took turns and shared resources with our friends. 

Week 3

First Days of School

This week the children had their first full time week in school.

They have settled beautifully into school life and made lots of new friends.

As part of assembly we spoke about what we have been thankful for during our first week in school. 

Week 2

Settling in sessions

We have really enjoyed our settling in sessions. We are happy in our learning and had fun exploring our classroom with our friends. 

Week 1

Stay and Play

Our stay and play sessions proved great fun for children and grown ups. The children enjoyed getting to know their friends and familiarising themselves with the classroom environment. 

Reception 2019-2020

Smithills Open Farm

We had a fantastic day at Smithills open farm, we had a ride on the tractor and on the donkeys.

We watched the cows being milked, and learned all about how milk makes its way to the supermarkets. We got to meet lots of baby animals and feed them to.

A big thank you to all our grown up helpers who gave up their time on the day, we could not have done it without them. 

All our grown ups where proud of how well we behaved today. 

Well done Reception.

World book day.
What fun we had on world book day. Our classroom was transformed into some of our favourite stories, we used our own imaginations to retell the stories and make them come to life.
Some of our favourite stories and authors include...

Judith Kerr- The Tiger who came to tea. 
Jill Murphy- Whatever next.

Michael Rosen- We’re going on a bear hunt.

Rod Campbell- Dear zoo.

Eric Carle- The very hungry caterpillar.

Julia Donaldson- The Gruffallo

Week 2 


This week we have worked really hard getting our garden ready to plant our beans. We worked together as a team and supported each other when we found this tricky.
Well done team Reception!

Spring 2

Growth and change

This half term we will be looking at how many things in the world around us grow and change. 
We will be looking at how our bodies change, lots of planting and of course our exciting visit to the farm. 
Week 1


What an excited start to our half term topic growth and change. We have some visitors in our classroom and can’t wait to see how they grow over the coming weeks. 

Week 6

Well being week.

This week we tuned into our bodies and focussed on mindful breathing. We listened to soothing music, using our favourite soft toys snuggled on our chests. We relaxed whilst watching our soft toys moving up and down as we breathe. We reflected on how we felt afterwards. We recognised that resting our bodies helps us to be strong, and was actually very calming. It was also a well deserved rest after what has proved to be a very busy half term. We are so excited to see what adventures we get up to next half term. 

Week 5

Squiggle while you wiggle.

This week we enjoyed joining in with Squiggle while you wiggle. We created movements to the music from Trolls the movie, using ribbons and streamers. We then created the same circular and line motions on paper. It was great fun, whilst improving our gross motor movements. 

Week 4

As part of our Keeping Healthy topic, we have been looking at different Fruits and Vegetables, and what we can do to keep our body healthy. We had lots of fun making Vegetable spring rolls, as part of our Chinese New Year Celebrations. We used knives to cut the vegetables and help develop our fine motor skills.  Our classroom was transformed into a Chinese Restaurant, we explored different foods such as Noodles, prawn crackers and spring rolls. 

Week 3

The children have been busy preparing the classroom in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

This year is the year of the Rat and the children have been interested to find out which Chinese new year they where born.

The Chinese New Year begins in Spring as it marks a new beginning.

During P.E we practiced dragon dancing with our very own dragon we had made in class. 

We are so excited to see what adventures we have next week as the celebration continues.

Week 2

The children in Reception class are learning lots of interesting facts about how we keep our bodies healthy.

We have been working hard to develop our physical skills. During P.E lessons we have been climbing on ropes and ladders to develop our upper body strength. It was lovely to see the children supporting their friends and giving them the confidence to believe that they can do it.

Well done Reception!

Spring 1

The children in Reception class have returned to school excited and eager to learn. Our topic for this half term is keeping healthy, we are looking forward to a fun filled half term, looking at how the body works and the things we can do to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Week 1

Our topic for R.E looks at the stories that Jesus told. This week we have enjoyed the story of The Good Samaritan. We discussed how we should everyone fairly and to treat people how we would like to be treated ourselves. We created pictures and re told the story using props. 

Reception class have had lot's of fun learning our Phase 2 sounds. We are beginning to segment and blend words together and can apply them during our independent learning. Take a look at our learning.

Reception Class have loved being outdoors this half term. We explored Forest school and found lots of interesting natural objects. We noticed that Jack Frost had been and left a trail around. We explored ice, developing our language skills as we talked about the texture and how it had formed. We discussed with our friends, how excited we are for Father Christmas to arrive. We worked together to build a sleigh and sang Christmas songs as we traveled to our friends houses.


At the beginning of half term, our topic for R.E was “Special People.” We spoke about how lucky we are to have special people in our lives. We give thanks for everything that they do for us. Take a look at our pictures that we painted.


Remembrance day 2019.

The 11th hour,

of the 11th Day,

of the 11th Month,

Reception Class remembered the fallen.

Reception Class made a poppy wreath and went to church to lay it in remembrance of the soldiers who lost their lives in the war.

As part of Outdoor Classroom day, The Reception Class children made their own volcanoes. There was lots of wonderful learning take place. We developed our fine motor skills through using pipette's and scoops, we developed friendships by taking turns and sharing resources. We  made links to our own previous learning, when we remembered what we had used the ingredients for before.

What a fabulous start to Autumn 2 we have had.

We have been continuing to learn our Phase 2 sounds and this week our sound has been the d sound.

We recognised that 

d is for dragon...

  d is for dinosaur...

and most importantly d is for Diwali.

Take a look at our wonderful experiences this week as we have been learning about Diwali.

Welcome to Reception Class.

Autumn 2019.

Take a look at what we have been up to in Autumn term so far.

What a wonderful first half term Reception class have had. We have been thinking about Harvest, and how lucky we are to have all the lovely fruits to taste. We have enjoyed getting to know our friends and their families, through our “All about me” topic. We have been trying really hard to develop our drawing and writing skills by drawing pictures of ourselves and our families. 

The new Reception class have settled in well to our new school. We have been busy learning new routines and making friends. We have enjoyed going on listening walks, painting self-portraits and being outdoors. We are going to continue our ‘All About Me’ topic by sharing pictures of our families and designing and building model houses. Here are some pictures of us settling in, during our first week at Bickershaw.


Take a look at our adventures so far...

Autumn Term 2018

At the beginning of term some very interesting creatures visited our school.  We found out all about Tarantulas, Giant African Land Snails, Bearded Dragons, Rats, Pacman Frogs, Millipedes and Corn Snakes.  It was very exciting and we were keen to have a hold.  Our observational drawings of the different creatures are wonderful!

Walks around our locality have enabled us to find out about different kinds of houses and building in Bickershaw.   We made some fabulous drawings of our homes and worked with our friends to create huge models.

We are so lucky to have beautiful school grounds.  Taking nature walks has become a much loved activity, especially when it ends with a flask of hot chocolate and a biscuit in our wildlife garden!  We collect interesting items during our walks and decided to make some botanical paintings.  We were inspired by the work of an artist from Cambridge.  We emailed our work to her and she was so delighted that she posted it online for her 'Twitter' friends to see.  We had hundreds of comments from all over the world and over 2,500 people 'liked' our paintings.

We have also been learning about how to keep healthy.  Our class trip to the supermarket was exciting.  We wrote shopping lists and bought all the things that we needed to make vegetable pizza and fruit smoothies.  Scanning the food and using the till was fun.  We made the food back in class with all our friends, it was delicious.  

Lots of babies visited our class and we were able to find out about how we grow and change.  We had lots of questions to ask!

Take a look at our experiences below.


Spring Term 2019

This term we have enjoyed lots of traditional tales.  We shared stories and made puppet shows for our friends.  We wrote a letter to baby bear inviting him to our class to make porridge.  The Gingerbread men that we made tasted delicious. We watched carefully as they cooked to make sure they didn't escape!  We have been re-telling and writing about our favourite stories.  Our writing is developing beautifully.

We love putting our wellies on and wrapping up warm to go on nature hunts. We took part in the ‘Great National Bird Watch’. It has been exciting to see lots of different birds in our school gardens.  We have been thinking lots about how to care for local wildlife.  Our bird table, nesting box and delicious homemade bird food has encouraged lots more birds to visit.  Take a look at our fabulous bird paintings!  

On February 5th, we discovered how people all over the world celebrate Chinese New Year. It was fun dressing up in traditional clothes. We made noodles and even managed to eat them with chopsticks! The fortune cookies that we made to share with our friends tasted delicious and we enjoyed sharing our good fortune messages.

World Book Day celebrations involved dressing up as our favourite characters.  We decided to make a class book all about animals.  We felt excited to be authors and illustrators - we shared our book in a celebration assembly and felt really proud of ourselves.

We are currently designing our class sensory garden and have been planting lots of beans and seeds.  After Easter we will visit Bickershaw Hall Nurseries to purchase many plants to complete our garden.   Most recently, we have made a pond for our frogs spawn.  We cannot wait to see the tadpoles hatch and frogs develop.  We have made lots of pictures and have kept frog diaries to document all the exciting developments.  

Take a look at our experiences below.


Summer Term 2019

This term we are finding out about lots of things that grow and change.  We carried out investigations to see what plants and seeds need to grow and be healthy.   We visited Bickershaw Hall Nurseries and helped to plant the seedlings.   After thoughtfully designing our new sensory garden, we bought lots of beautiful flowers to plant along with potatoes, strawberries, brocolli and tomatoes.  It was so exciting to collect and eat our produce.

We tended to our caterpillars with love and attention. It was fascinating watching them grow.  We were thrilled to let the butterflies free in our school garden.  We observed our tadpoles hatch from the frogspawn.  The arrival of our frogs was very exciting!

National Outdoor Classroom day was spent creating 'story sticks' using a variety of interesting items found in our school and church grounds. We were very creative and made a wide range of items such as pirate swords, fairy wands and unicorn horns.  

Our current African adventure enables us to enjoy the story of 'Handa's Surprise'.  We are loving finding out about life in a Kenyan village and are really creative re-telling the story.  We even built Handa's mud hut !  We visited Chester Zoo to find some of the African animals - it was such an exciting day.


Our time in the Reception class has been wonderful.  We have grown and developed so much. 

We are so excited about new adventures in Year 1 with Mrs Ellison and Miss Blakeley!