Year 3/4

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Sea Life Centre Trip

We visited the Sea Life Centre in Manchester. Whilst we were there, we took part in a plastic pollution workshop. We also learnt about lots of different sea creatures and particularly enjoyed the rock pool. We used facts from our trip ed to help us write persuasive letters when we returned to school. 

Cultural Week

During Cultural Week, we learnt about Polynesia. Polynesia is made up of more than 1,000 islands scattered over the Pacific Ocean. We researched and found out about some of the different Polynesian countries and islands.


The Māori are the Polynesian people of New Zealand. Many generations ago they developed a unique culture, with their own language, mythology and traditions which spread across Polynesia. We created our own Koru artwork using patterns coloured with oil pastels. Koru is Māori for 'loop or coil' and is a spiral shape based on the appearance of this fern.  It is an important symbol in Māori art, carvings and tattoos, as it symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.


We also learnt how to Hula, which is a traditional Hawaiian dance. A long time ago, hula dance was used only in special ceremonies. Now, hula dance is mainly for entertainment. 


We learnt about and practised a haka which is a traditional Māori dance or challenge. They are often performed in groups and show a tribe or team’s power and pride.  The routines include foot-stamping, loud chanting and sticking out tongues!


We used collage to make Tiki Masks. Real Tiki Masks are carved wooden masks that represent gods from the Polynesian culture, protect their wearer from evil spirits and increase their luck. They are hand-carved, from very strong hardwood, and finished with a mixture of oils and waxes. Tiki Masks are still worn today during festivals, ceremonies and used as decoration in people’s homes.


In Music, we learnt about Tahitian drums. We learnt how they alternate between their 2 hands or beaters to perform very fast, rith-mic beats. The drums are often played whilst people dance along.


Science Week 

During Science Week we were thinking about what happens to our rubbish. We learnt about different materials and how these can be changed. Then we spent time learning about the reduce, reuse or recycle method to minimise our waste. Whilst we were at Bickershaw Country Park, we did a litter pick to keep our local area rubbish free!


Knowledge Organisers

Below you can find links to the Knowledge Organisers for our topics this half term. 


History  Art  Y3 Science 1  Y3 Science 1 Design and Technology  Computing 1 Computing 2



 In R.E, we have been learning about prayer. We have learnt about why Christians pray and how people of other faiths pray. We spent time exploring different prayer and reflection activities.  We have also learnt about how Muslims pray and created our own Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags. 


Rocks and Soils


We are geologists! In Science, we have been learning about different types of rocks and soils including how they are formed. We have enjoyed classifying, sorting and grouping rocks  and soils as well as investigating their properties. We did this by carrying out a permeability test to see which ones let water pass through. We decided that these rocks would not make a very good roof! 

We have also learnt about Mary Anning as well as fossilisation. 

Art and Design

Claire Coles

In Art, we have learnt about British artist Claire Coles. We admired her mixed media artwork which is inspired by nature. After  practicing colour mixing and watercolour techniques we recreated some of Claire Cole's work. We then created our own mixed media artwork using collage, pencils, pens and watercolour paints. 


Prehistoric Britain

This term we have been learning about Prehistoric Britain, particularly how people lived during the Bronze Age and Iron Age. We have learnt about chronology and also created some fantastic pieces of prehistoric homework. 

Be Well Sessions

This half term we have enjoyed Be Well sessions provided by Wigan Council. We have learnt about healthy living and had fun exercising and playing physical games. Our favourite part was tasting different fruits and vegetables. 


Prayer Spaces

Science - Magnets and Forces

Sea inspired clay tiles

Spirited Arts Competition

Summer 1

Knowledge Organisers

Below you can find links to the Knowledge Organisers for our topics this half term. 


History              Art                 Y3 Science 1             Y3 Science 2            Y4 Science            

Science Week

Our theme for Science Week was Growth for the Future. We focussed on deforestation and learnt about the causes of effect of this. We learnt ways that we can contribute towards ‘re-forestation’, providing habitats and restoring the local wildlife. We designed wildlife areas for in our school grounds as well as bug houses.

We then put our plans into action planting seedlings, sowing grass and wildflower seeds and giving our bug house a makeover!

R.E - Easter Celebrations Around the World


We have been learning about how Easter is celebrated around the world. We thought about why Easter is such an important Christian festival. We reflected upon the traditions we hold at Easter time and why we have these. 


We then worked in pairs to select a country and research their Easter traditions. We created PowerPoint Presentations and presented these to the rest of the class. 

Spring 1

Children's Mental Health Week


We discussed how to keep our brains healthy and all the ways we can boost our mental well being. This included speaking and sharing worries with someone you know and trust. 

We created support balloons and then practiced some calming techniques such as yoga. 

History - Transport Through Time


First, we learnt about how transport has changed throughout history, particularly focusing on locomotives and trains.

We found out about key locomotive advancements through time, including steam engine developments and how trains were used to transport goods such as coal and iron. We visited the school train to imagine what it would have been like to ride on the first passenger train at the Rainhill Trails.

We also learnt about Bickershaw Abram train station and visited the now disused railway line which ran from Bickershaw colliery.

R.E - Faith Through Art


In R.E, we have been considering how people can show their faith through art. We looked carefully at a range of Christian artwork, sharing our thoughts, opinions and questions. 

We then created our own artwork, portraying our own beliefs. 

Pop Art Landscapes


We began our by learning about Pop Art and famous Pop artists, including David Hockney. We then recreated some of Hockney’s famous landscapes before taking inspiration from these to create our own.


Then, we practiced sketching techniques and sketched a seascape using a HB pencil.


Three Touch Ball  

In P.E, we have learnt and practiced different passing techniques including bounce pass and chest pass. We also developed our attacking and defending skills.

We applied these skills when playing Three Touch Ball.



In Gymnastics, we have been practicing point balances, travels, leaps and rolls. We then used these to create, perfect and evaluate sequences. 

 Autumn 2

Geography - Settlements

Science - Light

R.E - The Light of the World

English - Autumn Poetry

Autumn 1

Swimming - Monday 

Homework and Spellings - Set in homework diaries each Thursday. 

P.E - Tuesday (Active Maths)

Knowledge Organisers

Below you can find links to the Knowledge Organisers for our topics this term. 


History              Art              Computing               Y3 Science              Y4 Science              Design and Technology

History - The Stone Age

Science - Rocks and Soils

Art - Cave Art

Active Maths

Our topic for this half term is The Stone Age. We will be learning all about the first people who arrived in Britain and what life was like during prehistoric times.

2020 - 2021

Summer 1

The children in Year 3/4 have had a brilliant final half term, working hard whilst showing resilience, enthusiasm and respect. I am incredibly proud of the work they have produced this year, despite uncertain and tricky times. Thank you for your continued support and I wish you and your families a wonderful summer!

Sports Day

Diversity Week

During Diversity week, we took part in different activities, which taught us about the importance of diversity. We learnt to appreciate the uniqueness of others and to love ourselves for who we are.

We sang the song ‘This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman and discussed how the lyrics teach us the importance of being ourselves, no matter what!


We then created flags which celebrated everything that makes us, us! These included flags from countries we were born/our parents were born, our eye colours, hobbies and favourite things.


We predicted the occupations of different people and then challenged the stereotypes that we had made. This made us realise that we can become anything we want!


We have also been reading ‘The Truth Pixie’, which has taught us to appreciate everything about ourselves, even the parts we sometimes don’t like.

Take a look at the video below to see some of the wonderful work we have been doing during Summer 1.

Forest Schools

This week, we took part in Forest School activities. We absolutely loved spending the day outdoors, exploring and appreciating nature and learning about the world around us. 


We did team building activities, followed a string trial and made friendship bracelets. We used clove hitch knots and natural resources to make frames. Finally, we ended with the day with hot chocolate and treats! 


Ancient Greek Influence

 We have been learning about the Ancient Greeks and how some of their inventions and ideas are still used today! We learnt about the Ancient Olympics and competed in our own mini Olympic games. We had a democratic vote, just like they did in Athens, and found out about the original alphabet! We used STEAM activities to explore some of the incredible inventions created by Greeks including building catapults and using an Archimedes Screw. 



In Science, we have been learning about plants. We have investigated what plants need to grow well and how water is transported through plants. We really enjoyed learning about the parts of a flowering plant and were fascinated to learn and write about the life cycle of a flowering plant. 



Cultural Week

During 'Cultural Week' we have been learning about Polynesia. We were fascinated by the islands, traditions and different ways of life. It inspired many of us to want to visit a Polynesian Island one day, to experience the culture for ourselves. 

Watch the video below to see what we have learnt:

Mental Health Week 

Science Week

During Science Week, we learnt about materials. We explored different types of materials, identified these around our school and explored why these materials are suitable for their uses. 


World Book Day

On World Book Day, we learnt about Roald Dahl! We explored Roald Dahl's life and found out about how he became a world famous writer. 


We also learnt how to draw just like illustrator and author Quentin Blake.

Below you can find links to the Knowledge Organisers for our topics this term.

Geography          Science          History          Computing          Design & Technology          Art



Autumn 2 Celebration Assembly

What another fantastic half term! The children have learnt about Village Settlements in Geography, Light in Science and how God is with us in R.E. Take a look at the video below to see some of the other wonderful work we have been doing. 

Below you can find links to the Knowledge Organisers for our topics this term.


History            Geography             Art & Design           Computing           Design & Technology        Science - Aut 1          Science - Aut 2


Swimming - Monday (Currently cancelled until further notice) 

Homework and Spellings - Set via SeeSaw each Wednesday 

P.E - Thursday 


Links to useful web pages are available at

This is a video of the highlights of our year, so far. The children have settled wonderfully into Year 3/4, have worked incredibly hard and produced some fantastic pieces of work already.



 In R.E, we have been learning about prayer. We have learnt about why Christians pray and how people of other faiths pray. We spent time exploring different prayer and reflection activities. 


Rocks and Soils

We are geologists! In Science, we have been exploring different types of rocks and how they are formed. We have enjoyed classifying, sorting and grouping rocks and investigating their properties. 

Art and Design

In Art and Design, we have been using a range of media and collaging techniques to create self-portraits. We have learnt about famous artists, such as Frida Kahlo, and taken inspiration from nature. 

2019 - 2020



In Art, we have been learning about nature inspired art. Firstly we identified patterns in nature and then learnt about British artists and designers who have taken inspiration from nature, such as Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely and William Morris.

We have been inspired by nature ourselves by designing, making stamps of leaves, bugs, flowers, shells and fruit which we used to print 2 coloured overlay patterns. 

NSPCC Number Day

On Friday 7th February, we took part in the NSPCC Number Day. We came dressed in number themed clothing and took part in number activities all day!


We began by solving different number problems and puzzles before taking part in a class Number quiz. 

In the afternoon, we completed a 'calculation circuit'. We had to solve the calculation at each station to work out how many of each exercise needed to be done. 


In Year 3/4, we were really excited to take part in an archery session led by the Wigan Outdoor Adventure Team. 

Throughout the session, our aim got better and better and some children hit the bulls-eye more than once! 


In Year 3/4, we have been learning about how transport has changed over time.

We have been particularly finding out about how locomotives have developed and how they were used in Britain. 

During the 1800's, steam engines were developed. This meant that machines could be powered by steam. Steam engine locomotives were invented and transport was never the same! 

We have been fascinated to learn that the North West played a huge part in railway advancements, including the Rainhill Trials and Britain’s first major passenger rail, the Liverpool to Manchester Line.

After learning about the The Rainhill Trails and wrote newspaper reports about what it would have been like to witness Stevenson's victory. 

Through research, completing homework and from talking to our older relatives, we have discovered that railways were key to Bickershaw’s past. Historically, trains were used to transport coal from the mines and there was even a passenger train station here in Bickershaw. We enjoyed comparing maps of today to maps of Bickershaw in the 1800's. 


Our Finished Pencil Cases

Stonehenge Artwork

Using what we have already learnt about water colours, we created backgrounds for our artwork. We explored tints and shades of colours and mixed them with white and black. We painted a light centre and gradually mixed in paint to build up the colour. 


Then, we enjoyed exploring collaging techniques. We used ripping, tearing, crumpling and overlapping to create the Stonehenge foreground of our art. 

Designing and Making Pencil Cases

We began by exploring and evaluating existing pencil cases to learn about the useful features, materials and designs. 


Then, we practiced different stitches, including cross stitch. 

Harvest - Sukkot 

We have been learning about the Jewish Festival of Sukkot in R.E. This is when Jewish people like to thank God for looking after them.  Sukkot is celebrated in the Autumn and is similar to the Christian festival of Harvest.  It is a time to remember the time the Jewish people spent in the wilderness, led by Moses, when they escaped from Egypt.


We learnt that some Jewish people build a sukkah during Sukkot.  A sukkah is a special hut with a wooden frame. The roof is made from branches and leaves because the stars can still be seen through them. They can be nicely decorated with candles and fruit. People like to hang fruits from the roof and hang pictures and decorations on the walls. During the Sukkot celebrations Jews like to spend as much time as they can in their sukkah. 


We used what we had learnt about Sukkot to design and build a model sukkah. Some of us chose to use craft materials, some chose Lego and others chose both! They turned out brilliantly and we were able to see the features of a sukkah in them all. 

Rocks and Soils

We have been investigating the properties of different rocks. We wanted to find out which type of rock would make the best roof.

We did this by carrying out a permeability test to see which ones let water pass through. These rocks would not make a very good roof! 

Instruction Texts 

In English, we are learning to write instructions. We have been finding out about the features of a good instruction text. 


We followed instructions to make our own woolly mammoth models. 

Rocks and Soils 

In Science, we are learning about rocks and soils. We have been investigating types of rocks and sorting them based on their properties and appearance. 

2018 -2019 

Summer 2

Still life and Observational Art

In Year 3/4, we have been learning about still life and observational art. 

We learnt about Paul Cezanne and recreated some of his famous artwork using oil pastels. We have also explored different media for sketching,  including; charcoal, graphite and different pencil gradients. 

Using watercolours, we carefully painted up-close pictures of flowers and plants. 

We applied our knowledge of shade to mix the colours together. 

Whole School Coding Day 

We used Scratch to program our own adventure games! 

Summer 1

Outdoor Classroom Day

This half term, we have enjoyed 'Outdoor Classroom Day'. 

We got to spend some time on our school's wonderful new train-themed outdoor classroom. 

We also explored photography angles and skills, which we then used to take photos around our school grounds. 

Whole School Art and Design Week - Graphic Art!

During Art Week, we have been learning about Graphic Art. We looked at some examples of graphic art and realised that lots of them are collages of words and pictures. We found out that words on pieces of art are called ‘typography’. 

We planned the themes for our graphic artwork, choosing colours, images and fonts. To make our plans even better, we carried out research amongst other children. 

Next, we used an online computer program to create the background and selected clipart to print out. 

Finally, we layered our images and words to create the foreground using collage techiqnues. We are very proud of our work! 


Spring 2 


We have been learning all about South America and its rainforests. We completed homework projects, choosing how to present our information. They turned out incredible and look wonderful on our display! 


We have been exploring how rainforests are changing due to deforestation, the reasons for cutting down rainforests and the effects it is having. 

Chocolate- From bean to bar!

After learning about the history of chocolate through our Aztec topic, we have learnt about the history of chocolate. Then, we learnt about how rainforests have the perfect conditions to grow cocoa beans. 


We find out about the surprisingly long process of making chocolate from bean to bar.


We enjoyed tasting and evaluating the different types of chocolate and ingredients which can be added. 

Finally, we designed, created and evaluated a chocolate for someone special. 

Spring 1

Printing Patterns

In Art, we have been exploring printing and patterns. We began by identifying patterns around us such as those on clothing and in nature. We used marbling to create patterns for our display.

We learnt about the famous artist, William Morris who was known for his nature-inspired pattern artwork. We recreated his work using sketching techniques. We also discovered how patterns can be made through rotation and reflection using stencils.

Then we created an impressed stamp using string and cardboard. We used these to explore printing into our sketchbooks, applying what we had learnt about patterns. Using polystyrene, we created our own relief stamps, by carving into the material. We used both our stamps to print a two coloured overlay pattern. We really enjoyed this and were all very proud of our work!

Autumn 2

Rocks and Soils

After learning all about rocks and soil, we were very excited to become paleontologists and discover our our fossils! Then, we found out about how fossils are formed. 


This half term, we have really enjoyed learning how to Fence! We have learnt how to use the equipment safely and effectively to score points and win matches. 


Understanding the rules has been very important, as we have even been refereeing our own matches! 

Autumn 1

Prehistoric Stuffed Toys

Linked to our History topic, we read the story ‘Cave Baby’. We decided that Cave Baby may not have gotten into so much trouble if he’d had toys to play with.


In Design and Technology, we each evaluated, designed and made a stuffed toy. Then we have used felt, embellishments and different types of stitching to add detail. 


We hope our stuffed toys will keep Cave Baby entertained and out of mischief!

Summer 2

This half term we have also really enjoyed Mountain Monkeys. The climbing wall and toasting marshmallows were our favourite parts. It was hard to complete some of the team building challenges but we learnt that we have to talk to each other and work together.

We have also learnt about Paul Cezanne during our French afternoon. Paul Cezanne was a French artist who was famous for his still life paintings. After imitating his most famous pieces of artwork, we had a go at doing our own.


 Each table had an arrangement in the middle, including fruit, cups and plates on a cloth. Then each child sketched exactly what they could see from their seat, remembering proportion, shading and shadow.

Summer 1 

On Thursday 3rd May, Year 3/4 visited Tatton Dale Farm at Tatton Park.

The children had a fantastic day experiencing life as a WWII evacuee on the farm. We were met by one of the Women’s Land Army workers who took us to Aunt Mary’s cottage. The children cooked toast on an old range (remembering not to use all of their rations!), played 1940’s games, fed the hens and learnt how to milk a cow.

We even experienced an air raid. After hearing incoming planes, we sounded the siren and made our way to a shelter. Inside the shelter, we sang war times songs.

Children from the North West were evacuated to the farm during World War II. The children enjoyed seeing the cottage just like it used to be in the 1940’s.

Spring 2

We were very excited to be invited to plant trees at Bickershaw Country Park.

The City of Trees team met us at the site and explained how to use the tools safely and how to plant the young trees correctly to give them the best chance of growing. 


We were told that all our hard work would have a positive, lasting effect on the environment for over the next 100 years! 


Spring 1


In Design and Technology, we will be designing and creating our own pencil cases. Before designing our own, we have evaluated lots of different types of pencil cases. We talked about which materials they were made of, who the target audience was and decided what we liked and didn't like about each one.


This half term we will be learning all about what life was like for the Ancient Greeks, including what they ate, wore and did for fun! 

Autumn Term 2 

Our class were very excited to find an egg in our classroom. We then received a letter from Professor Quinn, the only Dragonologist in the UK. He told us we had found a DRAGON EGG!


We wrote our own non-chronological reports about which type of dragon we thought would hatch from the egg.


We gathered all of our reports and created a ‘Guide to Dragons’ book. 

Over the past term, Year 3/4 have been completing the Archbishop of York's Young Leaders Award. Each week we have completed tasks which helped us recognise what it takes to be a good leader.

We have raised money for a range of charities and for our school fund. 


For our community project, we invited Elderly people from the community to visit our school and have Christmas Lunch. Our class sang them Christmas carols and hymns. We then gave each of them gifts we had wrapped and cards we had made ourselves. 

Autumn Term 1 

Our topic for this half term is The Stone Age. We will be learning all about the first people who arrived in Britain and what life was like during prehistoric times.  

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